I recently read the attached article about FOMO, “fear of missing out”. I could definitely relate to that fear. I work two jobs and go to school, so it’s fair to say that my social life is less than spectacular. As the article points out, it’s not bad enough that we already have that internal fear, but now with social networking, we have actual, real-time proof that other people are having a better time then you are.

I have about 240 Facebook friends of varying ages and situations in life. I enjoy seeing their updates, but at the same time it makes me sad (mad, jealous, resentful?) that I am not going on vacation, eating at the latest trendy restaurant, or attending an event in town as often as others seem to be doing.

But, then I remember that everyone has a different situation in life, and right now mine is to be really busy doing the non-fun things (work and school), so I can have a better life and good times later. And by later, I mean the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. While I may not do something fun and adventurous every week, I do like to make my vacations as big as possible. When I post from the Olympics, they will be jealous of me.

The moral of the story? I guess it would be that if other people’s posts are giving you FOMO, just remember that at some point others will be jealous of your post. That’s a priceless feeling.

Fear of missing out? Or hazards of social networking?