How will Data be communicated in the future?

Over the next 3-5 years we will see significant advancements in how data is presented and personalized.   Yes, we have a lot of data at our fingertips now, but really, we’re just getting started!   This boss is definitely NOT like the old boss.   Boring pie charts, bar graphs and generic PowerPoint slides are all on their way out.   At Axcept Media we are embracing this new shift in graphical power.     We’re actually founding members of the ‘Axis of Advancement’.   Okay, I just made that up, J.

At Axcept Media we do want people to truly be engaged and educated in complex topics that have historically been rather dry and boring:  Healthcare, Financial Services and Employee Benefits.   These topics are VERY important to us all, but let’s face it, not exactly at the top of our ‘to-do list’ or the hot topic of discussion at the dinner table.    So when it comes time to look at options, present new plans, different benefits and opportunities, ENGAGEMENT is key.   Having certain data come to life in a way that individuals can relate to while simultaneously providing solid education is another key.

With the world moving at seemingly light speed, Mobile technologies and Interactive Websites have entered the picture.    Mobile devices, Mobile Video, Mobile Apps are allowing us to get the information we need whenever and wherever we’d like.    Interactivity and web connectivity puts us in control; we decide what information we want, what to do with this information and how far we want to advance with this new knowledge.      At Axcept Media, we’ve embraced these new and emerging technologies and methodologies.   By using our core expertise in new media design and development we understand the impact these have on audiences for Healthcare, Financial Services and Employee Benefits.    We’ve been doing this since 2002, but we never stop searching for great new innovations in hardware, software, data, mobile devices, design and data development.


What caught my eye:   Just recently Deb Roy, co-founder & CEO of a technology company, Bluefin Labs, and is on leave from the MIT Media Lab, where he directs the Cognitive Machines group gave a speech a TED, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “Ideas worth spreading,”. He actually has recorded over 200,000 hours of video of his 5 year old son, growing up.   Sounds a little boring, right?   Wrong!   How he did it and how he’s tracking the data of this video/audio is simply amazing.   What’s more is he has been working with his colleagues at MIT to visually track this data using not just Video and Audio, but also, time, space, speech and human interaction.    They then turn this data into a true visual experience.   The uses of this new data and how it can be visualized go way beyond the ‘personal experience’.   It can be used for much larger audiences including broadcast TV and social media integration.    The ramifications of his work are MASSIVE!      Exactly how and when this technology will be used for business and personal use remain to be seen.  But, it is coming.   Axcept Media keeps a close eye on these kinds of innovations and how our customers can benefit from them.     Please check back early and often on other Blogs from Korey, here at Axcept

-Korey Erb, CEO/CCO Axcept Media


For the entire video presentation of Deb Roy click here: