Something old and something new!

I am invited to five weddings this year. All of the invitations were paper invites but would it be appropriate to send an e-invite? I have read several blogs and although the e-invite has not yet been accepted by everyone, the paper invite is becoming less desirable. Some bloggers questioned the personable aspect of an e-invite. Others noted that the bride and groom are being cheap. Then, how should the bride and groom invite the no so tech friendly guests?

For those who question the lack of personable aspects of the e-invite, I completely disagree.  The internet allows newlyweds to share every special moment. From videos to stories, love notes, music, photo’s, best wishes, the possibilities are almost endless. I have been to several weddings and didn’t know the couples history together. How did they meet? Where was their first date? A paper invite will not have any of this information.

Every couple has a wedding budget and e-invites are less expensive than paper invites. With the money saved using e-invite, a larger budget can be put towards the food, reception location, drinks or honey moon. Most importantly, e-invites are a matter of convenience. Guests can R.S.V.P. by e-mail, see maps, click on links bridal registry, hotel locations, etc. With so much to do before the wedding day, why are couples continuing to make it harder on themselves and their guests when, the internet can make everyone’s life easier?

I would not expect everyone to have internet. Odds are that more people have access to the internet then not. For the few that don’t, make a few paper invites and do it the old fashion way. I don’t think couples can go wrong by sending a paper invite but I do think paper invites are disposable and forgettable.

Regardless of how a bride and groom choose to invite their guests, it’s their special day and it’s important to share it with their loved ones.