Marketing for Start-Up or Small Business Owners

As a small business, you need to get the most out of your marketing and sales dollars to grow your business.  But where do you start?  Marketing trends are shifting rapidly towards interactive and multi-media communications, blogs, social media platforms, and mobile apps. Having so many new options and media outlets to reach your audience, how can you reach all of them in the most efficient and cost effective way?

Axcept Media serves both start-ups and established businesses as they shift their marketing budgets towards new and emerging media options. And, we understand where they are coming from. As a small business built from the ground up, we know the importance of reaching your target market in engaging and innovative ways with limited resources. The most engaging messages are those that will reach your audience and enhance your brand.

New companies often start with a “microsite” that uses high impact video or animation to raise awareness and introduce the key product or services. It used to be that a basic web site showcasing the company, leadership, and an overview of their services and products was enough. Now, the value of an introductory video that explains the Company Mission gives the viewer a window into the full experience of working with that company. This can be about the specific product or service, the market, or some differentiator that compels the viewer to action. For an example of the impact that an initial video can have, check out the video on our homepage. In two minutes, you feel like you KNOW who we are and what we do.  How much reading would you have to do to make sure that every visitor to your website got that message?

Effective use of new media and emerging technologies is critical to communicate your brand and why you matter to your audience. More and more data suggest that social media and brand perception is the most important form of advertising and marketing. You need an engaging, information rich web presence, but you can no longer assume that you control HOW people will get to your site.

Another trend is building an effective mobile presence. Every day we hear, “I want my audience to be able to access my company via their mobile devices.” Sounds simple, and we can show you a variety of paths to for that strategy. A recent study by IDC estimates that U.S. Internet users will access the web more frequently using mobile devices than wired computers by 2015.  From our experience, it’s happening much faster than that!  We work with our clients to design a mobile strategy with new media elements that will be flexible, cost effective and powerfully engaging.

To get you started, we have a “starter pack” of services.

Basic: New web based “microsite” reflecting your company brand and style guidelines with an interactive presentation that describes your company, products and/or services.

Comprehensive: In this package you get everything in the basic package, plus mobile optimization of your Microsite, social media integration linking your existing social media accounts to your microsite.

If you have any questions on how we can get you started with new media AND mobile capabilities that will Engage, Educate, and Motivate your audience, give us a call or email us!